Unity Bird Shooting Game Template

This Game is a simple, attractive shooting game template. The Game supports Android, iOS, WindowsPhone8, and web player builds.

Package includes

  1. All scripts.
  2. All art assets.
  3. All sounds.

Package Features:

  1. Bird Controller (Config move speed etc…).
  2. Game Controller (Config spawn time, time limit goal, etc …).
  3. Mobile performance-optimized.
  4. Auto-generate level.
  5. Attractive Graphic.
  6. Admob Controller ( Easy to setup).

Version 1.1 Update

  1. Add Game UI System.
  2. Add a simple achievement system.
  3. Add score when a player kills a bird.
  4. Code improvement.

Version 1.2 Update

  1. Add Questing System.
  2. Add Leaderboard system.
  3. Add Bird Bomb.
  4. Code improve.

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